Mano Job - Mona Azar

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You're Mona Azar's personal trainer, and you've made Mona very happy. Extremely happy. You've been working hard with Mona over the last year or two, and your workouts have really paid off. Of course it didn't happen without Mona's desire, either. Now, Mona is in the best shape of her life, and she wants to thank you for helping her make it happen. Mona couldn't have done without you! Now, Mona still wants to keep you as her fucking is out of the question. Things might get messy. But Mona's still wants to help you nut. So Mona will tease and dole out a healthy dose of J.O.I. to make sure you bust. All over her face...cause that's the way Mona Azar rolls.
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